Hailing from Sydney’s Northern Beaches CXLOE (real name Chloe Papandrea) has already achieved what some artists might only dream of in their entire career. From humble beginnings releasing videos on YouTube and gigging at small Sydney venues, CXLOE has been bubbling away behind the scenes waiting for the perfect time to strike.


Over the course of a number of years, CXLOE has developed a unique sound that evolves with each new release and live show. With a handful of singles so far under her belt, CXLOE has amassed an incredible 16 million total global streams to date - a number that continues to click over with each day that passes. 


Refusing to be pigeonholed into a specific genre, CXLOE makes music that is groundbreaking; setting herself a lane all of her own, with every move a deliberate and strategic push forward. She floats effortlessly between alternative and electronic with undertones swaying often into a gritty and dark pop sensibility. 


Her songwriting and song establishment is complex, often dark and continually surprising. An aesthetic difficult to pinpoint, the young artist is creating something that is black, white and every colour in between. Leather and lace, studs and feathers, she is sharp, soft, pointed, gentle, poignant with an edge and vulnerable in her honesty. 


“Making music for me is a necessity. I physically need to in order to function. I also never felt that I truly belonged anywhere growing up; music made me feel accepted. I hope I can do the same for someone else,” CXLOE explains. 


In her short career CXLOE has received attention across countless playlists on Spotify and Apple both locally and internationally including featuring on the cover for the likes of New Music Friday and Front Left on Spotify and The A-List Pop and Future Hits on Apple. CXLOE’s music has been added rotation on triple j and across all pop-leaning commercial radio stations in Australia. She has also featured on numerous outlets throughout the world including CLASH, V Magazine, Purple Sneakers, Idolator and Billboard to name but a handful. 


Boasting writing credits with the likes of Andrew Wells, Sam Farrar, The Futuristics, MAG, BOYBOY, Louis Schoorl,, 


Andrew Wells (Bebe Rexha), Sam Farrar (Maroon 5), The Futuristics (Selena Gomez), MAG, BOYBOY, Louis Schoorl (Charlotte Lawrence), Justin Tranter (Julia Michaels), Ross Golan (Ariana Grande), The Veronicas, LANKS and Chloe Angelides to name a few, CXLOE has spent time honing her craft between her hometown in Sydney and Los Angeles.  


Only last year in 2018, the young artist released her first official single ‘Tough Love’. “‘Tough Love’ was the first song I released and the first song I ever wrote that I felt was wholehearted me; raw, honest and unapologetic,” CXLOE describes of the track. Premiering on Australia’s leading youth music station triple j, ‘Tough Love’ was quickly added to rotation on both triple j and the nation’s leading pop music Hit Network. The track featured across numerous top-tier playlists worldwide and marked the beginning of the young artist’s trajectory. ‘Tough  Love’ was accompanied by a striking video directed and shot by Imogen Grist which premiered locally on Pilerats. 


‘Monster’ was CXLOE’s breakthrough single; the moment the world sat up and started to take notice of the rising star. Written alongside Pip Norman and Xavier Dunn, CXLOE was somewhat apprehensive before ‘Monster’ saw the light of day. “Despite the name, ‘Monster’ was the scariest release for me. It's so dark and was such a risk but I'm glad I took it,” she explains. “I always want to push boundaries with my music.”  ’Monster’ found a home at the top of Spotify Australia’s New Music Friday as well as placement in an additional 6 country’s New Music Friday playlists including the US and Canada and Best of The Week on Apple Music. ‘Monster’ was again added to triple j with plays across the Hit and Nova Networks.


With an upward orbit already in full flight, ‘Show You’ became CXLOE’s next output. With co-writing credits alongside Sam Farrar (Maroon 5), CXLOE describes how the track makes her feel: “I’m not afraid to admit that I am a pop fiend!  So ‘Show You’ is my all time fave. Lyrically it’s the simplest song I’ve written but sonically its the most rewarding. It makes me want to dance and cry at the same time.” ‘Show You’ followed its successors and was again playlisted on Spotify’s New Music Friday this time across 21 countries as well as numerous Spotify and Apple Music playlists and was added to triple j and every commercial radio station in Australia. Accompanied by a stunning visual directed by Jade Elhers, ‘Show You’ is, to date, CXLOE’s most successful track sitting on a tidy 10+million streams. 


With evermore up her sleeve, CXLOE followed with ‘I Can’t Have Nice Things’. The fourth single explores the relatable theme of messing things up and was accompanied by a simple and emotive clip. “I can’t have nice things. I just can’t. Growing up and now as an adult I’ve proven that to myself within relationships and material things,” CXLOE insists.”This song needed to be written for me to be at peace with that side of me.” The track again enjoyed countless streaming playlist and radio additions, adding new fans  to CXLOE’s rapidly growing fan base.


Continuing her evolution and surprising fans with each and every release, ‘Low Blow’ is the latest offering from CXLOE. Written with Andrew Wells (Bebe Rexha), ‘Low Blow’ is a pointed stab at the music industry’s ever-changing expectations. Unafraid of speaking her truth, CXLOE wrote ‘Low Blow’ after a number of encounters left her “feeling gutted, and unfairly hit below the belt”.


On the live stage,  CXLOE’s star is rising ever-higher. She was the main support on Maroon 5’s huge Australian stadium tour, has supported Alison Wonderland, George Maple, Broods and Conrad Sewell at the Australian Open. CXLOE debuted her stunning headline show with full band in tow in May 2019 to Australian audiences and also performed as the halftime entertainment at the Women’s NRL State Of Origin on 21 June 2019. She performed her debut US headline show at LA’s The Roxy earlier in 2019 with two more US shows set for July 2019 in LA and New York.


With a fire burning hot in her belly, a palpable tenacity and an unshakable work ethic, there is plenty more to come from this trailblazing young artist. CXLOE is a force to be reckoned with.